BER Worldviews Exposed, Part 2

BER Worldviews Exposed, Part 2

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Cleveland Rhodes

5 months
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Worldviews Exposed, Part 2: XINO - Christian In Name Only”.

A Christian in Name Only (abbreviated XINO), also called a cultural Christian, nominal Christian, or more often, a liberal Christian is someone who professes to be a Christian in public but has a considerable lack of knowledge about the basic tenets of one's professed faith, often "knowing" it only from what is half-remembered from Sunday school or pop-cultural osmosis.
This includes ignorance of the contents of the Bible in general and may specifically include not being able to name the Four Gospels, the Ten Commandments, or even the fact that Jesus Christ gave the Sermon on the Mount. They may hold beliefs contrary to the teachings of Jesus, including considering abortion, special rights for homosexuals, social justice, gun control, adultery, and cohabitation between unmarried people to be morally acceptable and following situational ethics rather than the absolute morality of the Bible.
They also might believe in other ways to attain salvation rather than accepting Jesus as one's Lord and Savior or otherwise dismiss core Christian doctrines regarding salvation, such as the need for forgiveness. They may themselves live according to lifestyle choices condemned by Scripture or hold up others who do so as good Christian role models, thereby rendering their Christian witness worthless or even damaging.
When challenged on their views with quotations from Scripture, Christians in name only, if they believe in God at all, often respond with unsupported assertions as to what God wants or with Bible passages that are "interpreted" beyond recognition.

This is part 2 of a 2-part series.


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